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Scotch egg picnic

Scotch egg picnic

Gillian’s Scotch Eggs

A good scotch egg is worth the effort. The effort really is in gathering together good quality ingredients - organic eggs, a proper pork sausage and some breadcrumbs. You can use bought breadcrumbs, but in the interests of ‘economy and grace’, why don’t you whip up some from the remains of that stale sourdough loaf that you threw in the back of the freezer ready to make a bread pudding? (S2, episode 4)

First boil your eggs.You want to boil them until the white is firm enough to hold its form when shelling your egg, yet the yolk is still not hard. Not easy to do when you can’t see inside the egg? Go on, give it a go. Let the eggs cool completely once peeled.

Buy yourself a couple of good quality pork sausages. The amount of sausage meat you require will depend on the number of eggs you have. Aim for approx. a sausage per egg to start. Remove the sausage meat from its casing and with clean, damp hands flatten and spread out the sausage meat so it forms a sheet to wrap your sausage in. Take a look at Annie’s photo of mine. You don’t want the layer of sausage meat any thicker than that.”Glue” the edges of the sausage meat together with your wet hands. You don’t want any egg showing.

Then set up three large shallow bowls or plates: 1. for flour to lightly dust your sausage-wrapped eggs 2. for a beaten egg to dip your floured eggs in 3. for the breadcrumbs. Coat your dusted and egg-basted eggs with bread crumbs. Store them in the ‘fridge until they are cold and firmer.

Meanwhile, heat sufficient oil in a large saucepan or frying pan. I aim for an amount of oil that would come half way up the scotch egg. Heat the oil. You are aiming for the same sort of temperature you’d use to cook a chip. Hot enough so the outside crisps up to a lovely golden colour, but not so hot that you reach this stage before your sausage is cooked. Move them gently around in the hot oil with a spoon so they cook evenly. If you have any doubts that your sausage is undercooked, put them in a hot oven for 10 mins when you’ve removed them from the oil and drained them. Eat them warm or cold with your favourite condiment. xx G

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Manly Surf School

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Book: The Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace by Tamar Adler

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